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Building Effective Evaluation and Planning

Short Course

Duration: Half day/twilight session Fee: £50


“If you don’t know where you are going , how are you gonna’ know when you get there” – Yogi Berra

We are all familiar with the need to plan, monitor and evaluate in our work. How often do we actually examine what we are doing, why and how well it is working? What models and approaches do we use to be more effective at meeting young people’s needs?

These questions are crucial during a time of limited resources, drives to do more with less, a focus on outcomes, and the need to prove and demonstrate the effectiveness of our work.

This half day workshop is aimed at demystifying planning and evaluation, reflecting on what these approaches can tell us, and how we can use it effectively.

Target Group

This half day workshop is aimed at a wide range of practitioners and managers who work with children and young people in a variety of contexts in both statuatory and community organisations. One of the benefits of the day will be the diverse mix of those attending and the opportunity to learn from and share experience with others.

Course Content

We will explore different evaluation models, and clarify such terms as outputs, outcomes, indicators etc…Then apply the understanding of these terms to your current practice and how it is used to evaluate and monitor your work, and how you can use this to be more effective in your work with children and young people.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop participants will

  • Be aware of different evaluation models that can be applied in the work
  • Clarified their understanding of the terms used within evaluation and monitoring
  • Applied their understanding to current practice to assess whether their provision is having an impact.
  • Look at ways that information from evaluation of practice and data gathering can be used to demonstrate effectiveness of the service provided

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