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Developing Work with Boys & Young Men from Ethnic Minorities

Duration: 1 day
Fee: £98

This interactive one day workshop is geared towards increasing the knowledge and raising the awareness for workers and organisations that intend or currently work with young men and boys from the ethnic minorities and the black communities. The session will explore some of the influential factors in the lives of the young men.

Topics covered during the workshop will include:

  • Ethnic communities in the UK.
  • Cultural understanding and background.
  • Racism.
  • Masculinity and society.
  • Raising awareness of issues facing youth workers, when working with men from ethnic communities.
  • Society and Masculinity.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore and review the demographics and socialisation of the UK.
  • Increase understanding of the cultural backgrounds of different ethnic minorities.
  • Develop and enhance skills that are required when working with boys and young men.
  • Working towards the best practice when working with boys and men from ethnic backgrounds.
  • Review the major influences within society that affects boys and young men from ethnic groups.
  • Fostering best practice when working with young men in general.

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