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Innovative Team Building Workshop Using Carnival Drumming

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Drumming as a vehicle for team building

Team building sessions in the current economic climate should have a big impact, be effective in the long term, and really bring the team together to work with new challenges.

Too often ‘team days’ can end up being too much talk, often ‘at’ the staff, sometimes dry and boring, and can offer an opportunity to grumble in the background.

This is a tailored team building workshop which demonstrates in practice, and at both intellectual and emotional levels what a team can achieve working together. It is an enjoyable, dynamic and inclusive way of working towards a common goal. This activity is designed to be accessible for all abilities and is fully inclusive.

  • Participants will learn the rudiments of various samba rhythms, gain new skills and make music together
  • Participants will gain an understanding of how each drum relates to the rest in working towards a common goal
  • Participants will gain from the synergy of common endeavor and an understanding of the feeling of common success
  • Participant experience the sensation of ‘being the change’
  • Participants will gain insight into team dynamics and the behaviours that contribute towards making an effective team

Built into the workshop is the opportunity for group members to evaluate and reflect on their learning and explore how they can transfer the experience to the context of their work environment and enhance their performance and effectiveness.

The workshops are facilitated by Stephen Henfrey, experienced trainer, solution focused therapist and samba drummer.

Interested in this for your team?

We are happy to discuss this further. We can also discuss cost (related to team size and length of workshop). If you do not have a suitable venue we may be able to help source one.

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