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Managing Volunteers

Short Course

Duration: 1 day
Fee: £98


Volunteering is becoming an integral part of a wide range of services, and volunteers are playing increasingly important roles. The fact that volunteers are not paid for the hours they contribute to your service by no means mean that they do not require support, planning, and responsibility taken by your organisation. It is crucial that any organisation taking on volunteers is well prepared.

Organisations which want to quality assure their work with volunteers can now seek accreditation from “Investing in Volunteers” the UK quality standard for all organisations which involve volunteers in their work. This training is aimed at supporting organisations which wish to apply the quality standards in IiV in their work.

It aims to provide the necessary knowledge to allow your organisation or members of relevant staff, to develop a clear understanding of the nine quality indicators of Investing in Volunteers, and how to apply them in practice. It provides an understanding the duties and responsibilities in the management of volunteers, enabling participants to be able to apply good practice in their work with volunteers.

The course will provide the frame work to support volunteers in summer and long term engagements.

Course Content:

The course will cover:

  1. Organisational commitment to volunteering and recognition of the benefits to both volunteer and organisation
  2. Resources requirements of working with volunteers (i.e. money, management, staff time and materials.)
  3. Volunteering – ensuring diversity and equal opportunities
  4. Designing and supporting appropriate volunteer roles
  5. Safeguarding volunteers protection from physical, financial and emotional harm
  6. Volunteer recruitment (fair, efficient and consistent recruitment procedures)
  7. Induction – introducing new volunteers to their role, the organisation, its work, policies, practices and relevant personnel.
  8. The support and supervision needs of volunteers.
  9. Ensuring volunteer recognition

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the training participants will have an understanding of :

  • How to recruit volunteers into your organisation
  • How to support & develop volunteers
  • How to manage and retain volunteers
  • What policies and procedures need to be in place around volunteer management
  • What the benefits for your organisation and the volunteers are from volunteering in your organisation
  • What you need to be aware of in relation to volunteers and the law – what will be the cost to your organisation
  • What can and cannot be paid for as volunteer expenses

Target Group

This course will benefit anyone who works or has an involvement with recruiting or managing volunteers, within their organisation or those having responsibility of setting up volunteer policies and procedures or leading their organisation through Investing in Volunteering.

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