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Professional Boundaries for Frontline Staff

Short Course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £98

Why the need for this training?

Practitioners working in a frontline capacity with young people can often face a lot of personal and professional pressures in their work. Statistics show that there are increasing numbers of young people who are emotionally needy and this can cause role conflict and stress for frontline staff when they find that their professional boundaries are being pushed.

The impact of this can have serious implications for themselves and the organisations they work for.

  • Staff need to develop appropriate responses which are responsible, professional and take into account the needs of themselves, the young people they work with and the organisations they work for.
  • Organisations need to ensure that frontline staff are supported in coping with the pressures they face in order to fulfil their ‘duty of care’.

This training is designed to support frontline practitioners by helping them to identify, and apply practical solutions to these issues.

Course Content:

  • What are professional boundaries?
  • Why are they important/advantages of boundary setting?
  • Who sets the boundaries?
  • What are the consequences of blurred boundaries, for the young people, the staff and the organisations they work for ?

Course Aims:

  • Workshops and discussions using professional experience, case studies.
  • To provide participants with an understanding of what professional boundaries are and why they are needed.
  • Explore power balance/imbalance, who negotiates the boundaries and who is accountable occur when boundaries are blurred .
  • Awareness of susceptibility by assessing personal and professional vulnerabilities, general to the professional and specific to the individual, which place him or her at risk of blurred boundaries.
  • Effective strategies for maintaining professional boundaries

Suitable for:

Key workers, Youth Workers, Learning Mentors, Community Workers, Social Workers, YOT workers, Probation staff, Play workers, Housing Association, Employability and Community Sports staff and other practitioners working in any capacity with young people in the community, voluntary or statutory sectors.

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