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Using Creative Assessment Tools for Practitioners

Short Course

Length – 1 day

Cost – £105 (including both sets of cards and handbook)


One of the challenges of assessment processes with young people is how to secure their involvement and active participation. Only too often assessment can become something that is ‘done’ to young people (or a form that needs to be filled in), rather than a dynamic process that puts them at the centre, something they are involved with and have some ownership over.

The assessment tools called ”Mirror” or “CAF Cards” and “Road Sign Cards” have been developed with young people to work with the Common Assessment Framework, or other forms of assessment and action planning.  The cards allow the exploration of imagery to plan brighter futures and identify how to support and resource the change process. They create an environment that encourages young people to explore new possibilities. They can help to lift the barriers. The young person becomes the owner of the keys for change.

The cards will help young people to look at their lives differently, before exploring what to do and build a desire to change and set new goals.

Mirror (CAF) Cards

Mirror Cards have been specifically developed to fully engage and empower young people in the Common Assessment process, although they work just as well for other assessment processes. The cards fulfill a number of functions:

  • They invite young people to engage in the process
  • They create motivation to explore and create new meanings
  • They allow young people to see graphically where they are at the moment
  • They reveal the options that were already there and leave the young person with new choices.
  • They provide a tool for practitioners who will be using the CAF to work in a young person centred way
  • They support staff in undertaking assessments with young people that gather the information we need

Road Sign Cards

The Road Sign Cards offer a metaphor to guide the young person through a process of goal setting, action planning, and creative thinking. Life is a journey and the cards create a route. Goals are destinations and a means to an end and routes to destinations. It doesn’t matter where they start from because the cards will help them overcome any problems.

The cards ask the young person:

  • Which sign represents where they are now?
  • To consider whether their destination is in sight or over the horizon
  • What obstacles they will face on their journey?
  • What they will be doing differently when they get there?

Target group:

All practitioners carrying out holistic  formal or informal assessments with young people aged 12+,  including key workers, youth workers, foster carers, art therapists, counsellors, social workers, probation officers, YOT etc.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training all participants will have explored in practice how they can use the cards in their work context and will have had first hand experience of using them, both as a ‘client’ and as a ‘practitioner’

To complement the training, all delegates will receive a presentation box containing:

  • a set of Mirror (CAF) Cards
  • a set of Road Sign Cards
  • a Training Manual with details of additional ways of using the Cards plus other useful reference materials

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