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Welfare Benefits for Young People

Short Course

Duration: 1 day


April 2013 saw the beginning of a multitude of changes in what is regarded as one of the biggest ‘shake-ups’ to the Welfare Benefit System since it was started in 1942.

These changes have impacted on Young People 16-25 particularly in relation to housing.

Those working in an advisory role with young people need to be fully aware of the changes and how they might impact on those the work with.

This one day overview will bring you up to date with the changes

Course contents:

This course will include:

  • Overview of the current Welfare Benefit System
  • Universal Credit
  • Total Benefit Cap
  • Housing benefit changes for young people
  • ‘Bedroom’ tax
  • Changes to Council Tax Benefit
  • Summary of other benefit changes
  • Review of upcoming future changes
  • Learning Outcomes

Attending this course will ensure that participants are aware of:

  • the range of benefit changes and their effect on young people aged 16-25
  • new benefit calculations and entitlements
  • where to go to access more specialist information

What the course will NOT cover:

  • Disability Benefits
  • People subject to immigration control

This course will benefit:

Anyone who works or has an involvement with NEET or pre-NEET young people who are, or will be claiming benefits. It is aimed at those with basic knowledge, or who need basic knowledge of this area. It is not aimed at specialist with advanced knowledge. Examples of possible participants are Key workers, Youth Support, Housing Workers, Education School and College staff, Youth Workers, Social Services Staff


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