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Working Effectively with Young Learners

Short Course

Duration: 1 day


Because of new funding streams many educational institutions who have traditionally worked with adult learners are now providing education and training to young learners (14-19). There often a need for staff delivering this training to develop new skill sets to work successfully with this new cohort. In some cases successful practice developed over years with adult learners does not translate easily to delivery to younger students who have a range of differing motivations and expectations. If not handled well this can result in frustration on the part of both the learners and tutors, and can lead to behaviour issues and disaffection.

This training has been developed to specifically address these issues.

 Training delivery

The training is designed as an in-house course, and can be adapted to specific circumstances, context and needs of the institution. It can be delivered flexibly to suit the organisation either as a 1 day workshop, 2 day more in-depth training, or as a series of shorter workshops.

The training incorporates taught components, exercises, scenarios and discussions and includes a film, produced by young people themselves, about attitudes of young people to the way teachers and other professionals communicate with them.  The training can be delivered anywhere in the UK

 Learning Outcomes

  • To develop skills for helping young learners achieve their learning aims.
  • To show an improved awareness of ‘professional boundaries’ and why they are important
  • To identify and discuss their values re work with young people
  • To identify achievable ways of managing behaviour effectively.
  • To identify ways of motivating and retaining young learners
  • Opportunity to reflect, to share good practice and concerns and to network with colleagues.


£98 per person (open course) or delivered as an in-house course


Previous participants have commented:

“Well organised, useful information and a very warm environment”

“A good interactive session that encouraged us to learn from one another”

“Excellent training, interesting & fun”


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